In the summer of 2022 the Crookes / Walkley ‘Active Travel Neighbourhood’ trial scheme went live. In early May 2022 Ruth had appealed to the manager and chair of the SW Local Area Committee to start arrangements to host a series of open sessions that would create opportunities for residents and other stakeholders to engage in dialogue with Highways officers in charge of the scheme.

Ruth wrote:

“I would like to arrange a series of face-to-face Q&A drop-in sessions with transport planning representatives present. I feel this will be a vital addition to the consultation process, which as far as I am aware will otherwise be in the form of a survey, alongside opportunity for consultees to make their views known by email or telephone.”


During the trial period and since, Ruth has continually made the case for the council to undertake more pro-active and thorough engagement work prior to deciding where future projects will be located and what they will entail. She has argued that understanding people’s travel habits and needs, as well as the barriers that prevent them changing their mode of transport, is vital.

Change of approach

In March 2024 the Council’s Transport, Regeneration and Climate Change policy committee approved a new strategy to guide planning for future Active Travel infrastructure; this strategy embodies key learning outcomes from the Crookes / Walkley trial scheme, with a firm emphasis on early engagement with citizens, and co-production of proposals and plans.