Here are a few of the ‘little things’ that Ruth has done to improve the local area:

‘No Idling Engines’ zone for Selborne Road

Ruth argued, and won, the case for ‘No Idling Engines’ signage to be installed along the whole of Selborne Road, to help reduce air pollution near Crosspool’s shops and schools.

Unwanted street furniture removed

See it. Report it. Fix it!

Disabled Parking Bay properly signposted

This parking bay in Crosspool had been incorrectly marked for years, but Ruth’s persistence saw the sign moved to a new, appropriately placed pole.

Improved pedestrian safety on Northfield Road

Ruth tapped into a funded programme of pedestrian safety enhancements to respond to residents’ concerns.

With the visibility of this zebra crossing reducing drastically in glaring sunlight conditions, Ruth has successfully fought for brighter lighting and signage to be installed, to warn drivers they are approaching a crossing.

To help people walk safely to and from the bus stop in icy conditions, Ruth advocated for a grab rail to be installed at the junction of Northfield Road and Heavygate Road.

Protected access to Benty Lane Scout Hut

After persistent campaigning with the Crosspool Forum, a dropped kerb and white ‘H’ marked were finally installed to protect access to off-street parking used by less mobile visitors to the Scout Hut.

Getting fly-tipping removed